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Role-playing Severus Snape

Everything about Role-playing Severus Snape
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Welcome to a community for people who role-play Severus Snape. Feel free to join, jump in, and tell us about yourself! Whether you are a long-time Snape veteran, a newbie looking to get started with RPGs, or just a fan of Snape in general, I hope you can find something of use here.

On-topic posts:

1. Introductions (optional) - tell us about yourself.

2. General chat about role-playing Snape - questions, commiseration, theory :), and discussions. (Also in this category are suggestions for improving the community!)

3. Links to games, scenes, desc of good Snape rp. What makes a "good" Snape RP anyway?

4. Resources for Snape players - icons, graphics, links to photos of common PBs

5. Ads for specific games are allowed if you are specifically looking for a Snape. Tell us a bit about the game, but please don't post more than once a week with the same game. Posts that advertise games where Snape is not available will be deleted.

6. Anything else that has to do with Snape and RPGs. There are other comms for general Snape stuff, and for general RP stuff. This is where the two worlds meet!


Please remember that all versions of our beloved Snape are acceptable here - so (for example) there may be het Snape fans or slash Snape fans, or links to games where Snape is good, evil, or ambiguous. All are welcome, flames will result in bannination, report any trouble to the mod (summerborn).

Please clearly label any links that lead to NC-17 or Adult-rated material. No such material should be posted directly to the community. You must be 13 to join the community; please respect the warnings and labels on links to adult material.